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hey guess who hasn't killed themselves yet lmaoooo
but I want to write things, so I guess that's what I'll do. I also need to get some feelings/thoughts out of my head, so this is the perfect meme.
it four am lmao sorry for de grammer

dear person I hate,
I don't want to have anything to do with you.
because of you I have more mental issues than years passed here on Earth.
you don't even deserve my time.
I hope you live a sad life.

dear person I like (not romantically),
you are my closest friend.
I love you deeply, without you I would've done so many idiotic things, I'm glad you exist.
you always keep me company when I'm alone;
you never treat me like I'm an idiot because of my many delusions;
without you I wouldn't be here today.
I don't know yet whether to thank you for that or not, but I will know someday.
and I'll thank you or curse at you then.

dear ex boyfriend,
I wish you would read this.
I wish you would have treated me better, I wish you would have cared about me the way I cared about you;
I wish you would have been honest with me, I wish you would have known me better, I wish you would have said sorry;
I wish you would have empathized with me, I wish you wouldn't have left me all alone.
If you're wondering, I don't hate you. I never would be capable of hating you;
I'm just... very, very sad.
I still miss you, even after what I've done to you lately.
but someone's gotta do anything to get some attention, right?
I don't even think I want you back;
I don't think I want you back in my life, at least not in your current conditions.
I just wish we could talk one last time.
I hope you live a good life, especially now that I gave you your old friend back.
I'll try to move on now.

dear ex girlfriend,
If I had written this just a week ago, I would've moped about how you abandoned me.
but you came back in my arms, as we both smiled and laughed, while also shedding some tears.
I wish I could empty my head of all the terrible thoughts I had about you in these past years, but I can't;
I hope you can forgive me for that.
I wish this brand new start will be the beginning of something beautiful.
But please, never leave me again.
I don't think I could survive another rejection.

dear ex best friend,
we still hear each other from time to time;
I always get nostalgic when this happens.
our friendship didn't end with a bang, it just faded away.
and I think that it's worse this way.
seeing our friendship dissipate that way hurt me at the time;
it was like watching a dying person and not being able to do anything to help.
I hope we could be friends again, maybe someday.

dear best friend,
you deserve every good thing in the world.
you are the purest and nicest person I know,
however I wish you would be more useful during my delusional episodes;
but besides that, I love you deeply.
I've known you for... four years? five? I've lost count, and it's not just because I'm stupid in math;
it's because time flies ever since I've known you.
every single time I talk to you, I enjoy myself so much that, once we're done talking, I notice that we've been speaking for three hours.
I save every single picture, nude, or meme you send me,
and then I look at them afterwards, and I realize that I can't stop smiling.
sometimes I think I love you in a romantic way, but then I remember that I'm handicapable of love.
I hope you solve your anxiety issues,
and to many more years of being best friends!

dear person I miss,
I wanted to be like you.
I copied every single thing you did,
you wrote all lower case?
look at me, I still do it.
you wrote in a Dave Strider-ish manner?
you drew and colored in a certain style?
I shamelessly attempted to copy your art style.
but then, you disappeared.
and I didn't know who to look up to.
I was empty, your abandonment hurt me more than it logically should have.
I don't know whether to thank you or curse at you,
because you're the reason I got so close to him in the first place.
you introduced me to so many things, you were always willing to have an idiotic conversation together.
and I miss all of that.
I wish I could rewind time and go back.
but I can't.
I hope you have a good life.

dear mom,
I wish you would have loved me more,
I wish you wouldn't think of me as a compulsive liar,
I wish you would believe what I wrote on my suicide note.
the day when you'll grow up and become a decent mom will never arrive soon enough.

dear dad,
you're the only decent member of my immediate family.
we have that certain dynamic that some cliché relationships between friends on TV have;
it's kinda cute,
I say anything, you make a stupid dirty/dad joke.
you're like the Tumblr tag # Dad Jokes in human form.

dear future me,
I hope you're either dead or cured.
if you're still alive;
I hope you took care of all those things you wanted to take care of,
I hope your relationships are finally stable,
I hope you learned how to cry and thus that you finally know how to let things out,
I hope you managed to sue him.
I'll keep on smoking to give you a good ol' cancer just in case though, k?
after all we both know,
being dead is better than living, even though never existing at all would have been better.

dear past me,
oh boi. I'm so sorry.
I'm everything you didn't want me to be.
you would proudly announce that you'd never be a smoker,
and yet here I am;
you wanted to be a straight As student,
and yet here I am;
you wanted to be a heart breaker,
but guess whose heart is broken.
I wish you would have known better, but how could I pretend something like that?
you are just a child, after all.
and yet, I still wish you would've done something about it sooner.
I'm sorry you were born, hang in there, sooner or later you'll die like everyone else.

dear person I'm jealous of,
please take care of him.


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